Hummingbird glass art is many things to many different people. It is truly an art form exploding from traditional to wildly innovative styles. This décor can be anything from an authentic hummingbird feeder to a simple glass blown figurine of a hummingbird. There is an intense following for this type of expression using hummingbirds as an inspiration.

Discovering the hummingbird

Bejeweled hummingbird vases and perfume bottles take notice in home décor, along with stained glass adorning doors and windows. Also visit our top article here. Hand painted jewelry boxes made of this glass art are a common favorite item. If you love hummingbirds, then you will be quick to notice anything sporting this motif. Hummingbird glass art panels in stained glass are probably the quickest thing that comes into your mind when you think of hummingbird décor.

The deep and brilliant colors come from the sharpest ends of the imagination of each artist creating the glass art. Hand-blown glass art is so beautiful, you can only stand and be in awe of how they came into existence. More importantly, you will want one. The immersion into this type of art is addictive, leaving you to keep adding more to your collection.

It may start out with a small hummingbird sun catcher for your kitchen window, but as you admire the reflective colors every day, soon your eyes are opened to the next best hummingbird glass art you can add. Let’s face it; people love collections, so this mystical fluttering bird is going to be on top of the list.

Hummingbird Glass Art

One of the most successful hummingbird glass art companies is Joan Baker Designs. They have created hummingbird stained glass art panels for many years and continue to lead the way in inspiring new ideas to artists and consumers. They have a huge selection of hummingbird glass art in anything from night lights to plates and sun catchers. They are so popular it is often hard to find a loved favorite in stock.

The best way to discover hummingbird glass art is to check out the genuine hand blown glass hummingbird feeders and bird baths. Perhaps this is where the craze for hummingbirds began, in one’s own backyard wanting to match the beauty of these diverse birds with an equally grand gesture of functionality. It is undeniably a symbolic fusion between nature and art.

Where did the love of hummingbird glass art begin?

How this all started and whirled into its own well-loved category of personal and home décor remains a mystery. Either no one really asked the question or the beginnings are a well-buried secret. Could it be from ancient beliefs of hummingbirds being a symbol of energy and infinity? After all, the first known wearers of hummingbird jewelry were the Aztecs warriors. If you need to know more you can click here. The Aztec god of war is often depicted as a hummingbird.

In the late 19th century, hummingbirds were known to be stuffed and then mounted on women’s fans as a part of the fashion then. Often it is said fashion mimics to interior décor of the home. Could it be possible the wearing of stuffed hummingbirds quietly opened the door to future frenzy of anything-hummingbird?

So has the love and admiration of hummingbirds evolved? History tells us stained glass has been a romantic and spiritual medium since around 686 AD, with the unearthing of stained glass pieces at St.Paul’s monastery in Jarrow, England. The earliest history of glass blowing coincides with the Roman Empire. Somewhere in the last century these three life forms collided.

Today, the popularity of the hummingbird glass art form is surging and people cannot seem to get their fill of it. A quick run around the internet leads to abundant declaration of this passion. There is personality and life in each piece. Whether it is an ornament chosen to attract hummingbirds to the yard, or a beveled glass art jewelry box, hummingbird glass art is here for the long haul. We probably won’t be wearing stuffed hummingbirds on our person anytime soon, but it is a given this delicate representation of life will be adorning our world somehow.

Bird lovers, blown glass lovers and stained glass lovers can find something they agree on-there isn’t anything more eloquent than the artful marriage which has created hummingbird glass art. If you appreciate any of these areas and feel the passion, take the time to explore just how impressive it is; there is something for anybody and everybody. If nothing else, pick up a hummingbird glass art sun catcher. This is art brought to life.

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