The hummingbird symbolizes many different ideas. This tiny little inspiration is known as a messenger and stopper of time. If you ever have paused to watch the hummingbird in motion, as it hovers over flowers, then you can appreciate why so many people remain in awe of them.

There is something magical in the fluttering wings which move tirelessly in the pattern of the infinity symbol. To many people the hummingbird has deep spiritual significance, and to others hummingbirds simply make their day better by being able to quietly sit in the moment and observe.

Hummingbird glass feeders bring the joy of these mysterious little birds a bit closer to us. The right glass feeder will attract many hummingbirds at one time. If you ever bought a hummingbird feeder and never saw one bird approach it, then you know how important it is to pick out the absolute best one to keep these territorial beauties right at your door. We dug thoroughly to review what worked and what didn’t work, here are the most desirable and best hummingbird glass feeders to own.

HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER with Perch — Hand-Blown Glass Feeders | Tiffany Treat | (by Best Home Products)

Price: $29.57

This is the ultimate glass hummingbird feeder simply by the aesthetic appeal. The hand-blown glass is so amazing drizzled in a brilliant mesh of emerald colors splashed into yellow; it is hard to resist the temptation to own this.   The unique design is meant to lure in these tiny birds as if the feeder was flowers.   This hummingbird glass feeder feels like a beautiful two-for-one experience with how pretty this glass truly is, and then to have hummingbirds dancing around it; it doesn’t get any better than this.

Many hummingbird feeders have a really tiny bottle opening and it becomes problematic to fill with the nectar solution (sugar water). Also checkout our link here. This top of the line feeder features an easy-to fill-wide mouth, making it simple to use. It will hold up to 4.5 cups of nectar, which makes it a quality feeder. There is the option to either display it on a flat surface or hang it with an “S” hook (included). The base of the glass feeder is metal and has 4 ports for attracting many hummingbirds at one time.

Best Hummingbird Glass Feeder

Best Home Products makes this attractive hand-blown hummingbird glass feeder and consumers rave about the fast delivery and excellent customer service.

The only downside of this product may be the metal base if it rusts; this could interfere with the taste of the nectar. In order to prevent this, keep the feeder from areas where water or rain is prominent.

Hummingbird Hints: When using hummingbird feeders try not to screw the bottle on the base too tightly, doing so will cause a tight seal and not release the nectar into the base of the feeder.

Hummingbird Feeders – Set of 3 – HAND-BLOWN GLASS Feeder for Bird Lovers | Triple Treats (by Best Home Products)

Price: $36.22

Why own only one, when you can own 3? These beautiful delicate hand blown glass feeders are symbolic of flowers sprawled across your yard, garden, or patio just waiting for notice by the sweet little hummingbird. Each bulb is artistically unique in color and has a specifically designed nectar tube curved perfect for the elusive hummingbird. The hummingbirds are attracted to the little bright red tips at the end of the nectar tube.

Each bulb will hold up to 2.5 cups of nectar (sugar water) and they measure 5”diameter, 6”height making them perfect to scatter about in your favorite part of yard. Hummingbirds are notoriously territorial, so separating them is advisable to attract your own little flock. There are “S” hooks included to allow you to hang them on your porch.

This is another great product created by Best Home Products. You can rely on this company to be exceptional in all areas of the purchase. If you need to know more you can visit this site. They guarantee their line of quality hummingbird glass feeders.

The single downside to these bulb feeders is the nectar has a tendency to drip as heat builds up. Pressure inside the bottle expands forcing out a little bit of nectar. This is not a big deal, overall these little hummingbird feeders are super easy to maintain. This set of 3 hand blown feeders is exquisite with the hummingbirds preferring these feeders over flowers.

Hummingbird Hints: Remember to clean your feeder regularly with a mild soap and water solution. A good trick for cleaning your feeder is to put about 3 tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with two cups of water in the feeder. Add about 1/2 cup of white uncooked rice and shake. The friction from the rice will clean even the dark mold off of the inside. Rinse well before filling.

Perky-Pet 8116-2 Red Square Antique Bottle Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Price: $19.99

Perky-Pet makes one of the all time favorites in feeders for hummingbird lovers. This cobalt red square antique bottle design is above the wow factor, it is simply gorgeous. The bottle itself is comparable to finding an antique bottle from the old west in a ghost town. This glass feeder is just that cool. It is easy to see why this particular hummingbird glass feeder has become so popular. If you can get past the elegance, style and grace of the vibrant red bottle, you will notice the brushed copper base which complements the feeder completely.

The feeder will hold up to 24 ounces of nectar and can be easily accessed by hummingbirds from one of the feeder’s four decorative red flower feeding ports. The base of the feeder comes apart easily for cleaning.

The pros of this beautiful hummingbird glass feeder is attracts hummingbirds marvelously, and is of very sturdy quality. The cons are an issue with the bottom not fitting together well, so slight movement may cause leakage. The antique bottle is not an authentic red bottle as one would expect, but has a red coating. For some people this could be a deal breaker, but for those who know red attracts hummingbirds this is not a problem.

Hummingbird Hints: Hummingbirds migrate every year for variety and abundance of insects and flowering plants. These elusive birds travel back to the tropics once the weather gets colder, or when their internal instincts alert them it’s time. Migration typically begins sometime in late February and ends in late September.

Avant Garden 8110-3 Looking Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Price $18.99

This elegant hummingbird glass feeder is exquisitely designed. The bronze leaf motif wraps all the way around this stunning tinted tempered-glass bulb. It almost appears fragile and only contained by the artistic grasp of the climbing vines on the outside of the container. The feeder is subtle class just waiting for the colors of the hummingbird to complete the look.

The mildly frosted glass bulb holds up to 32 ounces of nectar and has 4 feeding ports and finished with an edged perch. The glass container can easily be monitored for nectar levels.

The downside to this hummingbird glass feeder is the 0.5 inches in diameter opening. Smaller openings on bird feeders can make it difficult to clean and refill. Also important to consider in many bottom feeding systems is the air will get trapped, keeping the food from moving down. This air bubble will have to be tapped and released so the feeder remains operational.

Hummingbird Hints: Hummingbirds prefer an open space, so they can easily move from one feeding port to the next. They also like to be near flowers and in a location that gets both sun and partial shade during the day. A hummingbird-friendly location will be at least 15-20 feet away from windows and 10-15 feet away from nearby coverage, like a shrub, so they feel safe and protected from predators.

Hummingbird Feeder – HAND-BLOWN GLASS Feeders for Bird Lovers | Wild Raspberry Price: $27.17

At first glance, this little wild raspberry hummingbird glass feeder will make you look twice. It dazzles with a chiseled red design. When the sunlight hits this raspberry glass, the reflection creates a jeweled look; truly making this feeder stands out and gets noticed.

The glass feeder has an easy-to-fill wide-mouth opening and will hold up to 2 cups of nectar (sugar water) which is the perfect amount to fill your hummingbird feeder during peak feeding season. You have the option of displaying the unique wild raspberry feeder on a flat surface, or you can hang it up with the included “S” hook.

This is another one of Best Home Products, who really do make some of the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing hummingbird glass feeders around. On top of this, the company reigns superior in customer satisfaction. This particular feeder had issues with the metal bottom on the feeder rusting, and Best Home Products worked fast to correct the problem by changing the metal to plastic (with perch included) on all these feeders. They have gone as far as to eagerly replace metal covers on the older models at a customer’s request. This is a sign of outstanding business in the marketplace and deserves some kudos for being so.

The downside of the delightful wild raspberry feeder is it tends to fade after time, but this is certainly to be expected after consistent sunlight exposure. This is a sweet little feeder, and the bright red is definitely going to get hummingbirds attention. It is a stand-out product.
Hummingbird Hints: Change the food every 3 days. Unless it is peak feeding season there is no need to fill a feeder much beyond a cup at a time and then only 2 cups at the maximum during peak feeding season. If you live in a warm area or put the feeder in direct sunlight, be aware if you own a feeder with exposed, clear glass – that can lead to things heating up quickly, which can speed deterioration of the food. It also pushes the food out of the feeding ports plugging them with crystallized sugar quickly.

Birdscapes 8111-2 Violet Meadows 8-Ounce Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Price: $18.99

This popular little hummingbird feeder is dainty with hand painted flowers decorating the glass container. Because the feeders are hand painted, each feeder is uniquely different in design and colors. Although you can not specifically order a certain color or style, you are still sure to receive a beautifully created piece.

This delicate glass feeder offers a built-in ant moat, which is a great idea because ants can and do become a problem when there is sugar water around. The feeder has an 8 ounce nectar capacity and also four bee resistant feeding ports. It seems Birdscapes thought of every detail when they designed this feeder.

The Violet Meadow glass hummingbird feeder comes with a copper base and is a perfect size for the porch or patio. This product does not drip, as this can be a common problem with some feeders. The clear crystal glass will help you monitor how much nectar is available for the jewel-looking hummingbirds.

The design is simple in function, making it a breeze to keep clean and filled. This is not a complicated feeder in the slightest way. The easiest way to fill the feeder is to pour the eight ounces into the glass tube and continue to hold the feeder upside down while screwing on the bottom tray. Carry it upside down until you reach the place where you are going to hang it; then gently turn it over, and it will glug into the bottom try without making a mess

Hummingbird Hints: Hummingbirds must consume up to 50 percent of their body weight in nectar each day. Hummingbirds also need to eat bugs for protein. They are great little hunters and are very resourceful. They have even been known to steal little bugs out of a spider’s web, eat the spider, and then steal the web to build their own nest.

Gardman BA05727 Red Teardrop Mosaic Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Price: $18.16

There is something so appealing about anything done with Mosaic glass, that this hummingbird glass feeder gets an honorable mention just for the way it looks. The handcrafted blown-glass mosaic feeder is uniquely several different shades of purple, or red. The reflective light on mosaic art pieces are distinctly eye-catching, so this tear dropped shaped orb is going to be attention getter.

The mosaic glass hummingbird feeder has a maximum nectar capacity of 12 fluid ounces. It also boasts of a rubber stopper and one ultra-violet resistant red feeder flower. It does come with a green metal “S” hook for decorative hanging.

In order for this feeder to work properly, it has to be filled 100 percent or else it will all leak out from the nozzle, this is clearly an area Gardman needs to work on, as the feeder is problematic but incredibly beautiful. Perhaps it is a flaw in the design, or in manufacturing, but it is a shame that a hummingbird feeder so intriguing can only be used as a lawn ornament.

Hummingbird Hints: A good way to attract the hummingbirds is to plant a hummingbird garden. A hummingbird garden can be rather large rolling across several acres, to very small such as a window-box planter or a couple of plants and feeder on a porch. Hummingbirds have no sense of smell, so what the flower smells like doesn’t really matter.

More about the elusive hummingbirds–

You can easily attract hummingbirds by planting red flowers and putting up a hummingbird feeder. Because hummingbirds are attracted to red, tie some red ribbons to the pole where the feeder hangs. Hummingbirds have excellent eyesight.

Always use four-part water to one-part sugar solution to fill the feeder. You need not add any color or vitamins to the nectar solution. Hummingbirds can also be attracted to a reliable water source such as a mister or dripper. They do love to bathe and groom, so if you wish to compliment the feeding behaviors of a hummingbird with a added bird bath, this is a sure way to get the territorial little birds around you regularly.

Hummingbirds are able to perch and will do so at feeders regularly. Because they fly so much, they have poorly developed feet. They can barely walk at all. The hummingbird is much more comfortable in flight.

During nesting time hummingbirds may not be as likely to come out to your bird feeders. They are feeding insects to their young. Once the young have left the nest and during the fall migration you will probably noticed increased activity at your feeder.

Remember, it is not necessary to take down feeders to force the birds to fly south. They will migrate. If hummingbirds are sticking around, it could be because they are sick or injured. Some experts recommend leaving the feeder up with a spot light (150 watt bulb) on the feeder to keep the nectar from freezing). Amazingly enough some hummingbirds are still able to find insect larvae in the bark of trees. It is not necessary to ‘fly’ the birds south. Nature is nature and is never a guarantee that all birds will survive. Click here to find everything you ever wanted to know about nature & wildlife.

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