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The most important consideration in choosing a hummingbird feeder is that it should be convenient to fill and clean

No Drip FeedersFeeders with parts that cannot be easily cleaned should be avoided.  The tools you might find to be most useful are a small rag, a bottle brush and a toothbrush. You’ll find the tiny brushes specially made to clean the hummingbird feeder ports to be extremely helpful and convenient as well.   Rinsing your feeder with warm water at every nectar change will reduce the likelihood of mold growing in your feeder and reduce the need for scrubbing.



Hummers are attracted to REDFeeders A Perch

Make sure your hummingbird feeder has this color to get their attention.  The entire feeder does not have to be red, just a touch is enough to interest them.

A built in ant moat is a great feature.

If your feeder does not have one already built in, you might consider purchasing an add-on.  



Ant MoatsYou do not want the color yellow anywhere on your glass hummingbird feeder.  

This attracts bees and wasps. Did you know bees and wasps are very competitive and are able to keep the small birds away?

A built in perch?  

This is a personal preference.  It is said that the birds stick around a little longer if they can rest while feeding.  On the other hand, if you love to watch these little friends in flight, consider the hummingbird feeder without the perch.

Solid Red FeedersWhat size glass hummingbird feeder should you buy?  

If you’re not sure how heavy the usage will be, go small.  It’s better to have a feeder on the small size and have to refill it then to have too large a feeder with unused nectar.  If the birds do not drink the nectar within a few days, it will spoil and the birds will reject it. For the best information you should try this link: feedingnature.com here. If you find the feeder use to be heavy, you can always add additional feeders.





Should I buy a hanging glass hummingbird feeder or a feeder on a stake?  

Please consider the hummingbirds natural predator, …cats.  If you or your neighbors have cats, you’ll want to buy a hanging feeder.  And you’ll want to hang it at least five feet high above the ground.

Is the feeder pleasing to the human eye?

Consider one that’s beautiful on its own. Something you enjoy looking at even when it’s not being used by nature’s flying jewels.



Nectar Mix & Nectar Bottles

Nectar Bottles

Are you looking for that something extra to make your hand-blown glass hummingbird feeder gift unique?  Try adding our quick dissolving nectar mix and our nectar bottles.  They make wonderful additions to any of our hummingbird feeders.


Hummingbird Feeders make great gifts for just about anyone!  Even when the hummingbirds are not feeding, our feeders add beauty & color to your outdoor environment!



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